CPA Night Out - Westin Hotel

Who needs a night out? We all need to let loose sometimes, and the Annual CPA Night Out is definitely a place for that!  We don't always get a chance to spend a fun evening with our colleagues and other professionals.  When you're in the business of accounting and finance your days can be filled with high-level work, and the CPA Night Out is a great way to network with other business professionals, listen to an invigorating and informative keynote speech, and, of course, enjoy at GIF booth!  There's a recurring face in a few of these GIFs and I love her spirit - you can tell she truly wanted her friends and colleagues to enjoy the night out and have FUN!

What I love most about the GIFs in this collection is that I know that each and every one of the people in them is professional and works hard with their colleague - but look at how great a time they're having playing with the GIF booth and hanging out with each other!  We can't always work all the time, and attending events like the CPA Night Out are essential for personal and professional development.  Ready Set Booth is happy to provide entertainment at events such as these to ensure that everyone in attendance truly enjoys themselves.

This event is an example of one where props weren't needed - in fact with a life-sized cutout of Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod from Body Break, what other props could you possibly need?  I'm pretty sure if we could have kept that to use at future events it would be a hit...  The Westin Hotel was a beautiful open venue for this event and provided a perfect backdrop for the GIF booth. Special thanks to David Aplin Group for such a great event.