Breakout West - Western Canadian Music Awards

We were so excited to be a part of the Western Canadian Music Awards at Breakout West - the Western Canadian Music Conference.  Everyone was having such an amazing time and it was the PERFECT event to have a Ready Set Booth GIF booth!  Anyone in a creative industry tends to have a lot of ideas about the perfect selfie, or in this case the perfect GIF. Which is your favourite from the ones below? It's awesome to see how many people and fit in one fun GIF!

We had GIF booths in 2 locations for Breakout West - the University of Alberta, and the Sutton Place Hotel. Judging by the hats in the first GIF below I would say it was quite the party!  Even if your event isn't centered around the arts a GIF booth is a great addition to help entertain your guests.  From company Christmas parties to charitable events, family reunions to award banquets you want to give your attendees something new and fun for them to do over the course of your event.  The GIF booth is easily set up and small enough to fit in just about any venue.

Having a custom backdrop set up can be a great idea for a GIF booth, and a way to ensure that everyone knows what event they are from - that way when your attendees and guests share their GIFs it will help to promote your business, event, or organization!  I love the look of the lights in behind the first two GIFs below, but having the banner showcasing Breakout West for the other was an awesome idea.  Don't have a backdrop? We can help you there too. Have a look through some of the blog posts to see what options we have for backgrounds for our photo booth!