Amanda & Benson - Matrix Hotel Wedding Reception

Amanda & Benson were thrilled to have Ready Set Booth's GIF booth at their wedding reception at Edmonton's Matrix Hotel!  It got quite a bit of use even during the wee hours of the end of the reception.  This couple was all about unique details which is why they got this awesome GIF booth!  One interesting feature of their wedding revolved around the 'kissing'. Traditionally people will clink glasses to get the couple to kiss during the reception. This has fallen away in the last few years in favour of games or other special speeches to get the couple to kiss.  At Amanda & Benson's wedding guests were required to play video games on the projector! How cool! I don't think I've ever seen video games at a reception before!

These guests had a BLAST with the GIF booth! And I love how the overlay that they chose for the GIFS is classy, elegant, and matches the backdrop.  Fonts and backdrops can change the whole look of the images!  Also notice that this couple chose to put their wedding hashtag on the overlay.  Hashtags are becoming so popular at weddings and they are a great way to share images with other people throughout the wedding.  Be fun and creative with your hashtag!  Making it easy to spell and catchy will help encourage your guests to use it.  And don't forget to upload and share your GIFs! They are easily shareable via SMS. And don't forget....this isn't just for your guests to enjoy!  The bride, groom, and bridal party (especially the bridesmaids) had a fantastic time creating fun GIFs during the reception.  There's plenty of time for mingling and dancing, if you booth the photobooth or GIF booth for your whole reception you'll be able to take advantage of the fun too!