MacEwan University SAMU Club

This GIF booth set up was for the SAMU club fair at MacEwan University!  We love doing photo booths and GIF booths at MacEwan - the students are always eager to participate and come up with unique ideas.  Maybe next year they can do a challenge where the club who comes up with the most epic GIF wins a prize!!

This booth was set up in between the cafeteria/lounge area in a free space where the SAMU club fair was held - it was the perfect location to attract passing students.  Some clubs used the opportunity to take club photos and used their own props, materials, signs and displays as well as the props provided by Ready Set Booth.  You can see on these GIFs as well that 'SAMU clubs' is overlaid on each GIF! This is a great feature for groups and events that want to have their association name right on the GIFs that result from the fun GIF booth!

So what's better - a GIF or a photo booth? It's a common question from our clients as they try to decide between the services of Ready Set Booth.  The answer: it depends on the crowd!  For some events such as a corporate or holiday party having a photo booth may be the best option so that guests can take prints home with them at the end of the night as a souvenir of the party.  For something like the SAMU club fair the GIF booth was the best option to attract active and busy students who want to create something funny! That being said, there's nothing wrong with having both! Why not have a dual package of a photo booth and GIF booth at your wedding reception? It's the best of both worlds.  Check out the website for more details!