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Wedding Gif Booths

Ready, Set, Booth is the first company in Edmonton to offer gif booths.  We first saw the gif booth at a tradeshow in Toronto and just had to have their floor model.  You could say it was love at first sight.  As soon as we laid eyes on the gif booth we immediately had to have it, so we bought it on the spot and brought it home to Edmonton.  Our first event with it was a wedding on New Year's Eve 2015.  Since then we've done over 100 events in the Edmonton area and each has been a total hit.  Our guests love the gif booth for a few different reasons:


  1. It's interactive.  Because your guests will be moving during each gif, others will gather around them to see what's happening.  Before you know it everyone will get involved.  There's no better way to get everyone mingling together than renting a gif booth for your wedding or party.  
  2. It's completely portable.  This is the only batter powered photobooth that exists.  So, instead of being stuck in the corner we can move your booth anywhere you want!  At a moments notice your gif booth can be put out on the patio, next to the bar or on the dance floor.  It can go anywhere!
  3. It's affordable.  Our gif booth packages start at just $550 making them Edmonton's most affordable booth rental too!