Fundraiser for Fruit Loop YEG at Denizen Hall

These guys had a blast!!!  The fundraiser for Fruit Loop YEG at Denizen Hall was a ghoulishly good time!  Everyone was dressed to impress. From Car Crash Barbie complete with bloody windshield, to the sexy ringmaster, and the chicken man and woman...there were a ton of creative costumes.  The boy scout, and Daisy Duck LOVED the GIF booth and appeared in many GIFs throughout the night.  The crowd was lively, friendly, and in party mode. They danced, posed, and partied the night away!

What is Fruit Loop? Here's a snippet from their Facebook Page.
Fruit Loop is designed to be more than just a typical night out. We work with talented local performers and artists to offer an evening of unique and creative entertainment. Proceeds from each event are then reinvested back into a variety of GLBTQ+ community programs and initiatives. Fruit Loop has been around for 4 years and has helped to raise over $100 000 for community partners. 

Sounds like a great time! Check out their page to keep posted on their upcoming events! What did you go as for Halloween? What is your favourite costume from these GIFs?  GIF booths are great at any event!  Are you having a fundraiser soon? Make sure you check out everything Ready Set Booth has to offer.  You can book a photo booth with beautiful backdrop, or the GIF booth for people to make fun shareable GIFs!  Did you know that you'll be able to receive a gallery from the whole event? That way you can check out all the fun that your guests and participants have had at your event, and use the photos for future promotion or to show people what the event was like!  The GIF booth was a great choice for this event for everyone to have some fun with their costumes.

MacEwan University SAMU Club

This GIF booth set up was for the SAMU club fair at MacEwan University!  We love doing photo booths and GIF booths at MacEwan - the students are always eager to participate and come up with unique ideas.  Maybe next year they can do a challenge where the club who comes up with the most epic GIF wins a prize!!

This booth was set up in between the cafeteria/lounge area in a free space where the SAMU club fair was held - it was the perfect location to attract passing students.  Some clubs used the opportunity to take club photos and used their own props, materials, signs and displays as well as the props provided by Ready Set Booth.  You can see on these GIFs as well that 'SAMU clubs' is overlaid on each GIF! This is a great feature for groups and events that want to have their association name right on the GIFs that result from the fun GIF booth!

So what's better - a GIF or a photo booth? It's a common question from our clients as they try to decide between the services of Ready Set Booth.  The answer: it depends on the crowd!  For some events such as a corporate or holiday party having a photo booth may be the best option so that guests can take prints home with them at the end of the night as a souvenir of the party.  For something like the SAMU club fair the GIF booth was the best option to attract active and busy students who want to create something funny! That being said, there's nothing wrong with having both! Why not have a dual package of a photo booth and GIF booth at your wedding reception? It's the best of both worlds.  Check out the website for more details!

CPA Night Out - Westin Hotel

Who needs a night out? We all need to let loose sometimes, and the Annual CPA Night Out is definitely a place for that!  We don't always get a chance to spend a fun evening with our colleagues and other professionals.  When you're in the business of accounting and finance your days can be filled with high-level work, and the CPA Night Out is a great way to network with other business professionals, listen to an invigorating and informative keynote speech, and, of course, enjoy at GIF booth!  There's a recurring face in a few of these GIFs and I love her spirit - you can tell she truly wanted her friends and colleagues to enjoy the night out and have FUN!

What I love most about the GIFs in this collection is that I know that each and every one of the people in them is professional and works hard with their colleague - but look at how great a time they're having playing with the GIF booth and hanging out with each other!  We can't always work all the time, and attending events like the CPA Night Out are essential for personal and professional development.  Ready Set Booth is happy to provide entertainment at events such as these to ensure that everyone in attendance truly enjoys themselves.

This event is an example of one where props weren't needed - in fact with a life-sized cutout of Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod from Body Break, what other props could you possibly need?  I'm pretty sure if we could have kept that to use at future events it would be a hit...  The Westin Hotel was a beautiful open venue for this event and provided a perfect backdrop for the GIF booth. Special thanks to David Aplin Group for such a great event.


Grant MacEwan University - New Student Orientation

I don't know about you, but I always loved the first week back to school. Especially when I was in post-secondary! I loved orientation week!  The first year of post-secondary education can be pretty intimidating while you get your bearings around the campus, figure out your course schedule, and make new friends.  Luckily there are lots of fun things scheduled for new student orientation, and this year at Grant MacEwan University there was even a GIF booth!

This GIF booth came equipped with props to help students if they needed a little bit of encouragement to get involved, and was in a high traffic area to make sure that everyone had access to it.  Even some of the staff members got in on the fun! Students got to grab their best friends, add some fun props and hats, and start off the new school year with a bang.

As a part of our service, Ready Set Booth can provide digital overlays of your images with a logo or organization, association, or event name so that all of the GIFs will be custom branded.  Since our GIFs are downloadable and shareable via SMS, every time someone sends or view one of these images your information will be shared as well, just like on the GIFs below.  It's easy to set up and we walk you through the process.  If you're not sure if a GIF booth is right for your event, just have a look at how much FUN the people are having!  You don't need props to make a great GIF but it certainly helps, and Ready Set Booth has a number of props we can provide. If you want to customize it as Grand MacEwan did with some university-specific swag, that's an option for you too!  Our job is to make your event easy and fun.


Breakout West - Western Canadian Music Awards

We were so excited to be a part of the Western Canadian Music Awards at Breakout West - the Western Canadian Music Conference.  Everyone was having such an amazing time and it was the PERFECT event to have a Ready Set Booth GIF booth!  Anyone in a creative industry tends to have a lot of ideas about the perfect selfie, or in this case the perfect GIF. Which is your favourite from the ones below? It's awesome to see how many people and fit in one fun GIF!

We had GIF booths in 2 locations for Breakout West - the University of Alberta, and the Sutton Place Hotel. Judging by the hats in the first GIF below I would say it was quite the party!  Even if your event isn't centered around the arts a GIF booth is a great addition to help entertain your guests.  From company Christmas parties to charitable events, family reunions to award banquets you want to give your attendees something new and fun for them to do over the course of your event.  The GIF booth is easily set up and small enough to fit in just about any venue.

Having a custom backdrop set up can be a great idea for a GIF booth, and a way to ensure that everyone knows what event they are from - that way when your attendees and guests share their GIFs it will help to promote your business, event, or organization!  I love the look of the lights in behind the first two GIFs below, but having the banner showcasing Breakout West for the other was an awesome idea.  Don't have a backdrop? We can help you there too. Have a look through some of the blog posts to see what options we have for backgrounds for our photo booth!


Custom Photo Booth Props

A fantastic way to create a unique experience for your guests is with customized props.  We get some of our props made by Propmaster.  It's the perfect way to incorporate your event's theme.  For a recent movie themed wedding, Propmaster created Oscar awards, popcorn, tickets, best actor and best actress awards to name a few.  What we love most about these props is that you can make them perfectly suited to your event.  So for example if you're planning a company Christmas party you could have props that are full of inside jokes from around your office. 


Wedding Gif Booths

Ready, Set, Booth is the first company in Edmonton to offer gif booths.  We first saw the gif booth at a tradeshow in Toronto and just had to have their floor model.  You could say it was love at first sight.  As soon as we laid eyes on the gif booth we immediately had to have it, so we bought it on the spot and brought it home to Edmonton.  Our first event with it was a wedding on New Year's Eve 2015.  Since then we've done over 100 events in the Edmonton area and each has been a total hit.  Our guests love the gif booth for a few different reasons:


  1. It's interactive.  Because your guests will be moving during each gif, others will gather around them to see what's happening.  Before you know it everyone will get involved.  There's no better way to get everyone mingling together than renting a gif booth for your wedding or party.  
  2. It's completely portable.  This is the only batter powered photobooth that exists.  So, instead of being stuck in the corner we can move your booth anywhere you want!  At a moments notice your gif booth can be put out on the patio, next to the bar or on the dance floor.  It can go anywhere!
  3. It's affordable.  Our gif booth packages start at just $550 making them Edmonton's most affordable booth rental too!