edmonton wedding photobooth

Jessica & Jayson - Oasis Centre Wedding

Jessica & Jayson's wedding reception at the Oasis Centre in Edmonton was SO MUCH FUN!  The Oasis Centre is a beautiful for weddings, corporate functions, and other events. It's elegant and spacious!  It's even won awards from the Canadian Industry Wedding Awards for best overall wedding venue in Alberta! It's easy to see why Jessica & Jayson chose it for their wedding.  In addition to choosing the perfect wedding reception venue to wow their guests, this fun couple decided to have a photo booth from Ready Set Booth as well!  Their goal was to have a unique, fun, and entertaining experience for all of their family and friends.

Look at the first photo below...what do you see? One of the BEST features of the Ready Set Booth photobooths!  Can you guess what it is?  I'll give you a hint...how many people are in that photo?  I actually don't know the answer - it's hard to tell what's a mask and what's a person on a few of those faces...but I can count at least 12!  Our photobooth gives you the flexibility to invite so many of your friends into your photos!  The open-air style booth is perfect for large groups.

Another thing you may notice from these photos is how well coordinated the pink rosette backdrop is with the wedding!  Jessica's bridesmaids work pale pink dresses, and their wedding incorporated this colour beautifully.  Having a matching backdrop added an elegant touch to the wedding. Make sure to have a look through the blog and website to check out all of the backdrop options that Ready Set Booth can offer for your function. Do you want something unique or custom? Just send us an email and we can chat with you about what will work best for your perfect wedding reception photo booth!

Bryce and Ellicia - Valleyfield Farm

Ready Set Booth has a wide range of backdrops that you can choose from but sometimes couples get married in locations that already have something fantastic to use as a backdrop!  Bryce and Eliicia had their wedding at Valleyfield Farm, and this beautiful wall of hay bales was perfect for their photobooth.  The wedding, being held on a farm, had a rustic feel and the hay bales gave the perfect opportunity to incorporate the theme into their photobooth photos as well. 

Did you know that you get a copy of the photobooth photos after the wedding?  The photos go in an online gallery for you to download so you can have a look at all of the shenanigans your guests got up to you when you weren't looking... cowboy hats, a horse head and even a riding crop were the perfect props for this wedding.  Ready Set Booth brings TONS of fun props for your wedding but you can always incorporate something special of your own if you want to stick with a theme for your wedding! My favourite from the photos below has to be the horseback-riding one....

Your photobooth doesn't have to be a stand-alone element of your wedding, you can customize it to really tie in with the rest of your event.  We even do custom graphics for your photobooth printouts to make sure that the photos that your guests take home will be consistent with the look and feel of your wedding, and it's a great souvenir for them to take home and put on their fridge! Make sure you hop in the photo booth with them!  The lighting isn't always the best for phone selfies at wedding reception but our photos from the photo booth are always bright and sharp and perfect for sharing online.

Rameez and Rabbia - Double Tree by Hilton

The Double Tree by Hilton is a fantastic venue in Edmonton to have Ready Set Booth - the ballroom is very large!  It's important for us to have enough space to set up your beautiful backdrop, have a table for all of our props, and room for the camera so that we can fit your guests easily into the space!

Don't worry - we send you guidelines when you book about how big the space needs to be, and we can consult with you ahead of your event to determine where it can go.  And once we know that you just enjoy your party and we take care of set up!  We come in discreetly, set everything up, and the props and fun are ready to go whenever you choose to open your photobooth.  Set-up and tear down of the photo booth is always included, along with the props and an attendant for your booth. Leave it all to us! Not sure what time to have us there? We can help you decide how many hours you should have Ready Set Booth available at your wedding - whether it be during cocktail hour, after speeches, or for the whole night!  Make sure to check out the 'prices' link on the website for a description of all of the different packages you can book!  I personally (naturally) recommed the Delux Beyonce.

Rameez and Rabbia opted for a gold sequin backdrop (one of my personal favourites)! It's versatile in that your guests can take not only fun images, but also nice portraits together as well.  You can see from some of their photos that we are able to fit large groups into our photobooth which is a big advantage for large weddings such as multi-day weddings with large receptions. Plus... who doesn't love some bling? Your glam wedding deserves a glam photobooth backdrop!

Tyler & Madison - Oasis Centre Edmonton

There are some photos from Tyler & Madison's photobooth at the Oasis Centre that are a little more risque than others and not quite safe for the blog...this wedding looked FUN!!!!!  The best part? Ready, Set, Booth is fun for all ages - I love seeing kids and grandparents getting a little wild in the photo booth!

So...you have a wedding photographer, why do you need a photobooth?  This wedding is a perfect example of why it's a great choice to hire Ready, Set, Booth for your wedding reception.  It makes sure that your wedding photographer has time to focus on all the beauty and emotion of the reception, focus on the bride and groom and their families, and create a beautiful story of the wedding.  The photobooth is perfect for all the REST!  The crazy fun times with friends you haven't seen in ages, something fun for kids to do while their parents are socializing, and more candid silly fun memories.