wedding gif booth

Melissa & Ryan - Em Tee Town Wedding

Melissa & Ryan had a really fun wedding!  They held it at Em Tee Town which is a rustic pioneer cabin in Alder Flats.  It was the first time we used our gold/white sequin backdrop - it went perfectly in the venue!  Em Tee Town was an awesome venue for a rustic wedding - they had a bonfire with s'mores for the kids (I'm sure a few adults indulged as well!).  There are lots of camping options there for guests which makes for a really fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The Ready Set Booth GIF booth rental was a surprise gift to the bride and groom! What an amazing idea!  They didn't know about it until the reception.  The GIF booth is so much fun for everyone, and I can just imagine how excited Melissa & Ryan were to find out that they were going to get to enjoy it throughout their reception.  

The guests at this wedding really enjoyed the props that Ready Set Both provided - the Chewbacca mask in particular was quite a hit!  You can definitely incorporate some of your own props if you want to, but one great advantage of booking with Ready Set Booth is that we provide a TON of fun props! Just check out the GIFs below and see how much fun everyone was having with them!

GIF booths are great for wedding receptions, bridal showers, baby showers, corporate events, networking events...any event where there are people socializing and wanting to have fun entertainment!  What event do you have coming up? Get in touch with us and we can talk about all the different options that we offer.  We also provide Photo Booth services if you want to have a custom backdrop and printed photos as well.  Just email! We're happy to help with your event.

Sean & Gillian's Wedding - Royal Glenora Club

"I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye" - just a taste of some of the awesome props that Sean & Gillian had for their GIF booth at the Royal Glenora Club!

You might notice from this collection of GIFs that there are two different backgrounds in the images.  Yet another great feature about Ready Set Booth's GIF booth!  If you have the booth for both your cocktail hour and reception, and those take place in different areas of your venue, you can have the GIF booth in both locations! It's a portable machine, and doesn't take up a large area of your venue.  By having an attendant from Ready Set Booth at your event you'll be able to not only choose the best location for set up, not have to do any of the set up yourself, but you'll also be able to have the booth moved from one spot to another.

So, if you have dinner tables where your dance floor is going to be, and you need to reconfigure your floorplan in between dinner and the dance the GIF booth can always be transitioned to another location.  A few tips on where to put your GIF booth:
- close to the dance floor or bar so that it will get a lot of traffic
- but not TOO close - you need room for a line-up of people.  Everyone is going to want to be using it!
- in clear view of the reception area (i.e. not tucked into a coat closet) so that when you have your whole group assembled except that one friend who always seems to be'll be easier to find him!
- with a neat background (the purple stage lighting is really cool in this set!) If your venue has a feature wall of some sort that can be cool too.  The advantage to having the dance floor as the background is that you can get some cool photobombs!